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Settling In

Pre-school offers many benefits — it can be a great place for kids to interact with peers and learn valuable life lessons such as how to share, take turns, and follow rules. It also can prepare them for school and beyond.

But going to pre-school does come with its fair share of emotions, for both the parent and the child. For a child, entering a new pre-school environment filled with unfamiliar teachers and children can cause both anxiety and anticipation. Parents might have mixed emotions about whether their child is ready for Preschool.

Parent Carer Involvement

Parents and carers are a child’s first and foremost enduring educators. Young children are eager learners and all adults have an important role in sustaining that eagerness. We hope parents/carers and staff working together will be the most valuable way of encouraging children to develop positively. It is also the main way in which children are helped during ‘transitions’ as they move from the home environment to Brook Early Years and again to reception class. Each child has a key person who ensures, along with all Brook staff working as a team that every child’s learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs.

  • Parents are involved in and can contribute to the individual planning process
  • Parents are invited to play in the sessions and join in with celebrations and projects e.g. sing along sessions
  • The children’s progress and learning stories are shared with parents at regular intervals and are always available for parents and children to access and contributor to.
  • There is photographic evidence in each room for parents to see
  • We have a book library in the setting for the children to share with Parents and carers.
  • Many of the daily routines of a young child will give opportunities for creative learning and problem solving that parents/carers can share and be part of.
  • Workshops are offered to share our practice, ethos and ideas with parents/carers
  • Parent volunteers are involved in activities and experiences
  • Parents /carers are always offered the opportunity to share interests and expertise and join in the management team to help run the Pre-school.
  • Activities for parents/carers to do at home are positively encouraged
  • Parents/carers are always offered the opportunity to record their child response to experiences.
  • Parents carers are given the opportunity to take part in any educational visits
  • We support parents with help from outside agencies (e.g. speech therapy) where required

We would like to ask parents to help out in session. We would love parents to come in and share experiences with the children and the children to get the best out of their activities. If you are interested please fill the parent rota in for a particular session situated at the front entrance.